Sunday, September 30, 2012

Inaugural Post

New things.
They’re shiny and clean and wonderful.
Who doesn’t love the feel of freshly opened plastic? I recently got an iPhone (I know). It was inexplicably rewarding holding this beautiful piece of glass and plastic, my fingers smoothly sliding its glossy surface.
Its almost an addiction.
No, not almost.
It definitely is an addiction.
While some of us have been able to be frugal and avoid such addictions, most of us have fallen prey to the love of opening plastic wrap and boxes.
Have you ever met a new addict? I mean, a person addicted to new. A plastic addiction? (I’ll work on that) You know the type.
They carry around a box.
Suddenly, the box starts to ring. They ever so gently set the box down on their lap, and pull out a bag. In the bag is another box. In that box is a case.
In the case is a phone that has long since stopped ringing. It was probably just a solicitor.
The point is that some of us would do anything to keep our things in perfect condition.
I know none of us really want our things to get old with all the wear and tear, but we are not exactly willing to go the length to preserve it.
Who’s to say which is better?
But as I am starting something new, I sit back and consider which route I want to take.
To preserve the new and keep it sleek and shiny? Or let it become worn and well-loved.
I guess time will tell with this blog, but if I could choose I would definitely go with love-worn.

Yours Truly,