Sunday, September 30, 2012

12 Names

One of the first things you do as a mom is name your child, in fact, all too often we have the baby’s name before we have the baby. The moment you find out you are pregnant, you start tossing around baby names. Wait, as a girl, we start doing this at age 5. I knew when I was five my daughter’s name was going to be Megan.
What a fantastic responsibility. After all,  it is the one thing they will share with almost everyone they meet. Your child will bring it to school with them, it will be printed on the roster of their sports team, their report card, job application, and maybe (in the best way possible of course) on the front page of the newspaper. It is one of the few things they will keep from the day they are born until the day they die.
Well, in honor of my youngest sister who is expecting her second naming responsibility I have come up with a list of the top 12 sci-fi/fantasy names you need to name your boy.  (Girl edition to come later!)
12. Shia
Now, I am never a fan of naming your child after a celebrity but this is my one exception (not because he is some sort of outstanding citizen, I don’t know much about his person life, but because his name is that cool.) Put aside that he is a real person (ha!) and just assume he is Transformers.
11. Aragorn  
This comes in at number eleven because it is my biggest stretch. Love the name, not entirely sure how it would work on a two year old, even less sure how it would work in middle school. So, caution: this may be for the extreme, but one cool extreme!
10. Holmes
I debated between Holmes, Benedict and Sherlock on this one, but in the end Holmes won out. A little more subtle than Sherlock, but just as smart. Holmes Shia Ullrich. Perfect? I think yes. (Now I am taking the liberty of naming other’s children, hehe!)
9. Lucas
Lucas pops up all over the sci-fi world, but it is also my safest bet (for those of you looking for a sci-fi name without the risk of being extreme.)
8. Olivander
I decided I would only pull one name from HP, so here it is. Sure, Severus would have been great, as well as Albus, Hagrid or Dobby. But, come on, no one would take you Sirius. (Ha! I couldn’t help myself!) Olivander Ezekiel Fitzpatrick, we can call him Oli… just sayin’.
7. Edmund
Who doesn’t love a strong British name, especially when it is highlighted in such an epic series? Now all that is needed is a Londoner accent so it sounds just as cool when it is said aloud as it does in my head.
6. Link
Let’s face it, how many Lincolns are out there just so they can be called “Linc”? Be bold, just name the kid Link, you know you want to. Plus: 1) Halloween will be a lot more fun when he is three 2) they will be famous when they are in third grade and 3) just think of how cool his own kids will think he is…
5. Axel
I am not sure how sci-fi/fantasy this name is, but it should be. It is a cool, smart name with an edge of “tough” for those of you who are hoping for a pro footballer. “Axel and Emmaleah!” Has a good ring to it, eh?
4. Qui-Gon
This. Name. Is. Top. Notch. Had I known for sure our oldest son would have been a boy, he would have undoubtedly been Qui-Gon. If I ever come across a time machine, I might just go back and adjust. Qui-Gon Noah Bost, absolutely!
3. Ender
Confession: I have never read the series. Gasp! But it is on my list. Despite that, I still think this has got to be one of the greatest names. So unique and original, yet so simple.
2. Fister Foss
I know (most) of you have never heard this name, but my niece invented this name a while back for her mom’s car. I eventually sought “legal” permission (hehe) to use it in one of my fantasy novels. This name has the IT factor. This first and second name pairing matches up with just about every last name out there: Fister Foss Jones, Fister Foss Wade, Fister Foss Robinson, Fister Foss Cappiello…. I could go on, but you get the point.
1. Stoick
For those of you who know me well, this comes as no surprise. I love, love, love this name. If How to Train Your Dragon would have been released before the birth of all three of my children, you know for sure I would have a Stoick in the ranks! This is not just the best sci-fi/fantasy name, it is the best name. Period.
Allons-y!                                                                                                                             Karena*