Sunday, September 30, 2012

Rise Up

There is a scene in one of my favorite books, the pinnacle moment after the protagonist has been captured and living under the tyranny of his adversary. He has been stripped of his power and freedom and is forced to labor under the harsh conditions of an oppressed people.
One day he has a choice. Simply, he can continue on this track hoping something will change or he can risk everything for a chance to make change happen.
His big moment is not some epic battle, its not a powerful magic or spell, it is not even an eloquent speech. It is simply a work of art. Something that completely encompasses beauty, power, and freedom. In the moment where it is unveiled, the whole city is present. The sheet is lifted and everyone is stunned.
Gone is the idea of bondage and defeat. In that moment each individual recognizes that within themselves is a power no one can hold over them. A beautiful marble statue reminds them that life has so much more to offer.
“Your life is your own, rise up and live it.”
While this work is fiction, there is something very significant about this message. I do not agree one hundred percent with this doctrine, but I do believe that every one of us is subjected to a tyranny that keeps us from being truly who we are capable of.
My worst enemy is my own self. There are moments where I feel completely useless and insignificant; lonely and unworthy; a failure. If I let those ideas take hold, it is as if I have put myself in chains. If I believe what others say about me, or what I think they say, then I put my heart in bondage.
There is freedom in the idea that we are all powerful. We are capable and strong. There are times our feelings say otherwise, but if we keep our mind clear and focus on what is true then we will not succumb to the negative thoughts vying for control over us.
Seek truth; rise up and live.
Yours truly,