Thursday, July 18, 2013

Christmas in July

So a few months ago I decided I was really going to take this blog thing seriously and start posting more consistently. Then, I actually started posting less frequently. Actually I have just been doing a lot less lately, partly due to putting more time and energy into exercising more and eating better, which has actually had a bit of a pay off!

Also the last several posts have been more serious, with me just sharing my heart, which I love to do- but it also intimidates me a lot. So, I am going to mix it up a little today and just share a few things that I am excited about.

Ender’s Game

Finally this amazing novel has been made into a movie. More often than not I hate movie versions of books [i.e. The Golden Compass, Eragon, etc] and there’s a huge chance that will be the case here. However, it is one of my all time favorite stories. So I will definitely take a gamble and go see it when it comes out.

The Civil Wars

They are soon to be releasing a new album, even though the band has split, it will be nice to have some fresh music from them. I pretty much listened to their last album to death, if digital music could be killed...

The Third Kingdom

This book is a sequel to a whole sequel series of Sword of Truth, which is one of my favorites. I guess I just really like sequels. This is what I keep hoping Rowling will do with the Harry Potter series. Sure, You-Know-Who is gone but I can’t believe there’s a shortage of evil wizards that need to be fought off. Not the point though, the point is at least one of my favorite authors is giving me what I want: more!


I know, it doesn't make sense, but lately I have been really wishing I could turn up the Christmas music in a living room softly lit from excessive strands of lights hanging from the ceiling. Have hot chocolate and make sugar cookies. Maybe its because last Christmas I burnt myself out and didn't really enjoy it. Maybe its just cause I miss my family. I think iTunes can sense it too, it keeps popping up with Christmas music and sometimes I just let it play.


I have this friend who is super talented, and cool, and hilarious. She has a vlog and it is pretty great, so I’d highly recommend heading over to Youtube to check it out. I’ll make it super easy for ya.

What are you excited about?