Thursday, October 11, 2012

Geekery Project: Sonic Screwdriver

Toys are for kids. Unless they are my toys, in which case I would rather my kids leave them alone. For example, my Lego Christmas Village pieces are mine, and no, the kids are not aloud to play with them. So naturally, with the arrival of my Sonic Screwdriver I became overly protective, much to the disappointment of my children. Much to the happiness of everyone, I had a brilliant idea.

Enter: project make your own Sonic Screwdriver!


3/4 inch wooden dowel (we got one that was about a yard long for $1.39 at Hobby Lobby)
1/4 cm square wooden stick- used for the buttons (also at Hobby Lobby for about $1)
Craft paint (black, grey, silver, and we got a pearly colored one to add texture to the middle section)
Paint Brushes
Hot Glue
Garden Stones (the colorful ones you put in a vase- blue)
Circular Saw (or traditional saw, just some means to cut the dowel)

Step 1:

Cut the wooden dowel down, into about 6 inch sections.

Step 2:

Sand down the edges to make it smooth. 

Step 3:

Cut the square wooden stick into small sections (button sized.) Some of us ended up cutting the small sections in half again for a more low profile button, where others kept them thicker. 

Step 4:


Step 5:

Hot glue on the accessories! (The buttons, as well as the garden stones on the end.)

Yay! For an awesome project!


The fun didn't stop here though! We invented a game- nothing beats a run-around-the-house-in-the-dark sort of game, eh?


The Doctor and his Companions are under attack of Dalek Sec and they must rescue all the Sonic Screwdrivers and get them back to the TARDIS to defeat Dalek Sec, but if you are not careful: EXTERMINATE!

To start, get three buckets, baskets, containers (or whatever will hold the Sonic Screwdrivers.) Place all three of these containers in different parts of the house. In the Dalek's bucket (whichever one you chose) place all of the Sonic Screwdrivers. In your group, assign one person to be the Dalek, all others will be Time Lords or Companions. Turn out all (or most) of the lights in the house. The purpose of the Time Lords and Companions is to get a Sonic Screwdriver and bring it back to the TARDIS (represent by the other two remaining containers.) The Dalek's mission is to stop them from reaching the TARDIS. If the Dalek catches a Time Lord or Companion two things can happen: 1) If they don't have a Sonic Screwdriver the Time Lord/Companion must stay frozen for the count of 15. 2) If the Time Lord/Companion does have a Sonic Screwdriver you must play a game of Sonic Screwdriver/ TARDIS/ Dalek (rock/ paper/ scissors.) **You can make your own symbols for this, we did! Play best two out of three. If the Dalek wins, he gets to return the Sonic Screwdriver back to his bucket, if the Time Lord or Companion wins they must remain frozen for the count of 15. The game ends when all the Sonic Screwdrivers are returned to the TARDIS!

**We found it useful for the Dalek to carry a flashlight to be used only during the Sonic Screwdriver/ TARDIS/ Dalek face-off.