Sunday, September 30, 2012

10 Names You Don't Want

This week I had been creating my own list of sorts [which I will still do, eventually] but I could not resist the chance to talk about names. Karena shared her top favorites to inspire our youngest sister, here is my top list.
[Chance to share a super cute picture of my son as a newborn]
Aiden 1 week old
Ten Names found in Sci-fi/Fantasy that you should never name your son:
10. Merlin
Merlin will always be the name of the great wizard during the time of King Arthur. I would also include Gandalf and Dumbledore to this list. Basically, if the name is associated with a long white beard: pass.
9. Jar Jar
A quick shout out to the most annoying and unnecessary character in Star Wars. This name jars me [hey, Karena was allowed one cheesy pun!] It almost seems pointless to add this one, because no one in their right mind would ever use this name.
8. Spock
If you have a son who is half Vulcan, then you can name him Spock. He will need the ability to be unfeeling as all his peers mock him [although, if he was half Vulcan his peers would probably make fun of him for that regardless of what his name was] It just isn’t a great human name and I have yet to think of a pairing that would work. Spock Fitzpatrick? Spock Bost? Spock Smith? Spock Smock? Maybe…
7. Gollum
Sméagol isn’t a whole lot better, but at least it is a real name and not just an onomatopoeia. Might as well name your son Hock-a-Loogie.
6. R2D2
Let’s just sum this one up as: do not name your son after an android. Or cyborg. [on a side note, this week I had the realization that I knew the difference between an android and a cyborg. I don’t remember ever learning that]
5. Bilbo
I think this one is fairly obvious.
4. Worf
If you could guarantee your son would grow up to be a bodybuilder or football player or Klingon warrior then it could work. But if you had a little geeky child [slightly more likely] it would just be mean and ironic.
3. Gimli
Also fairly obvious.
2. Voldemort
If you are not a fan of Harry Potter, I don’t see you ever considering this. If you are a fan of Harry Potter, I don’t see you ever considering this.
1. Slartibartfast
Douglas Adams was a genius and a master of random and weird. He sat and thought of the most ridiculous things imaginable and compiled them together to make The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. I think it would be safe to say that if you named your son this, you would be naming him the most ridiculous name in the universe.
[Just one more because he was so darn cute!]
His hair was awesome