Thursday, February 21, 2013


Its been too long! Let’s catch up...


sitting in my new office, in my new house, in my new neighborhood. It is for this reason that pretty much everything in my life was put on hold. It was busy and a little stressful [and not quite as smooth as I had hoped, darn perfectionism] nonetheless we are in our new abode and loving every minute of it.

planning is something I haven’t spent a lot of time doing in the past. Which has allowed me to be laid-back and extremely flexible with my time, but has also attributed to the reasons I rarely achieve any of my goals. It seems like a no-brainer but I’m constantly doing idiotic things. But now I am making an effort to be more intentional about my life and the way I live it. I love this quote, “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” So I plan on using my new spruced-up cork board [see below] to create a vision board.

listening to Beta Radio. My new obsession. A friend of mine shared some of their music on facebook and I was instantly captivated. Cello + Banjo = made for me. In other news, I can’t get Taylor Swift out of my head. trouble, trouble, trouble...

crafting a ton! My new office is saweeet [if not fully completed yet] but I have cranked out more pinterest projects this last month alone than I did all of last year. Instead of telling, I will just show you [as every good writer does]

Cork board with scrap-booking paper

Large frame with burlap, spray painted white

playing 7 Wonders. We got some new games for Christmas and this one quickly became a new favorite. By quickly I mean shortly after we learned to play. The first time we opened the game we spent 20 minutes reading the instructions before packing it up. Hours of youtube-video-how-to’s and reading more instructions we finally got the hang of it and love it. 

7 Wonders

loving life. This is big for me. I’m working on some big changes in myself and this might be one of the biggest. At some point in my life I decided to hide behind sarcasm and a general acceptance that life is more bitter than sweet. Far too long I have focused on the negatives in myself and in life, keeping myself at arm’s length from people. This is not something that is happening overnight, but the fact that I can even share this shows that change is happening; slowly but surely.