Monday, October 29, 2012

Fun- have it all the time!

I remember being told often that life is hard. 


As a six year old, though, I don't remember that being true. Life was great! You got to play, in fact, does "Just get out of here and go play" sound familiar to anyone else? Our parents encourages us to play, be outside, swim, be involved in spots, and just about anything else to keep us busy. At six, I had few chores and the worst thing EVER was cleaning my room. Looking back, that being the worst was pretty amazing. What else made six the best? Candy, games, kindergarten, coloring, watching the same movie a million times, toys, the magic of holidays (really the magic of everything: the first snow, camping, the stars...) and I could go on!

Basically six is amazing because life was filled with fun. So, naturally, I try to add as much fun to my every day as I possibly can. 

For example, we bought a pack of Angry Bird wall decals for no other reason than they were cool. But what to do with them? I decided that I would place them throughout the house and create an unending game of hide-and-seek (well, mostly just seek.) The door into the garage also happens to be covered in Mario wall decals. 

Another family favorite is the story game we play while we eat occasionally. Each person is allowed to say one word at a time, moving around the circle from person to person, progressing the story one word at a time:













You never know where the story will go.

Granted, it is easy to find the fun of a six year old with one in the house but I try to harness as much of it as I can. I know I will never say, "Gee, I think life is getting a little too fun, I better mellow it out!" Hehe!

What do you do for fun? Don't forget to laugh...