Friday, October 19, 2012

12 Names- Girl Edition

Here it is, the 12 sci-fi/fantasy names you must name your little girl.

12. Lyra

I can’t help but picturing a bobbling two year old with pigtails: sweet but not cutesy, frilly. I must note that I prefer the way I pronounce it (where y = i as in infant) over the way it should be pronounced (where y = I). The choice is yours- either way, it’s a great choice.  

11. Trillian

For those hoping for a fresh, space-age-y name, this should be the perfect fit, right? Not to mention, Trilly makes a pretty awesome nickname for a kid to out grow. 

10. Rosamond

I originally contemplated Rose (a lovely, safe and simple name used in both LOTR and DW), but why stop there? I think I love Rosamond even more because of the story around the name. If you haven’t yet, read The Lost Princess by George MacDonald and this name will quickly climb to the top of your list! It is a beautiful name that could potentially be rooted in several sci-fi worlds, whichever one you fancy.

9. Tamina

I will admit that this name is probably on here because Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time happens to be my current all time fave. **This is where I must apologize to all the gamers out there, to which this is probably a disappointment. But, ultimately, that is why Tamina is hanging in position 9 as opposed to the top 5 where I originally had it.

8. Hermione

My first choice was truly Bellatrix, but without Helena Bonham Carter behind the name it is just a villain with a cool name. Therefore it is probably not appropriate for your little angel. Beyond that, HP is loaded with great names, how do you just pick one? Simple, Hermione happens to be in the rolling credits for Star Wars Episode IV.

7. Emia

You probably have not heard of this name, but it is my go to name for many of my fantasy novels. It is a spin on a classic that is super cute, yet has that fantasy twist. It also happens to be the safest name on this list. So, if you want to go sci-fi/ fantasy, but you don’t want to go over the top, this is the name for you.

6. River Song

Could this name pairing be any more perfect? No. I thought I would just use River over River Song, but let’s be honest… River Song is what makes it such a phenomenal sci-fi name. (You could use Melody Pond, it is just as great!)  It is just as versatile with last names as well- River Song Dunham, River Song Beale, River Song Starbird… need I go on?

5. Karena

What can I say, my parents got it right. It is unique and awesome, any little girl would be lucky to have such a fantastic name. And yes… I am sci-fi, therefore, the name is sci-fi.

4. Aravis

Love this name. Even more so, I would love to meet someone with this name. C.S. Lewis could spin a good name, brilliant man. Aravis Gracie Ullrich has an amazing sound to it; I think the Ullrich crew could totally pull off Aravis…

3. Yvaine

There is more to this name than the fact that this character is a star (my absolute favorite things in all of space and time!!) It is cool, it looks awesome in cursive (so if you don’t write in cursive, forget about it, hehe) and did I mention it is the name of a star?

2. McKenna (or Makenna, depending on your spelling preference)

Once again, I am not too sure how sci-fi/ fantasy this name is, but it should be. Not only do I know a McKenna that could have come straight out of fantasy series (yes, little… er, not so little Miss Gwin- that would be you), I can think of plenty examples where McKenna would have been a better name for the series. McKenna is the perfect fit for the fairy in your own fantasy series.

1.  Rohan

Beyond epic! I cannot tell you how much I love this name. Every little girl deserves an epic name, right? I often kick myself for not thinking of these names before I had kids. My eldest should be a Rohan Faith Bost. I would be happy with a Rohan Fitzpatrick though, Liam agrees. No pressure…