Thursday, June 27, 2013

Bye Bye Google Reader

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

As a Google Reader user myself I am pretty bummed out that, starting Monday, it will be out of service. Finding a replacement has been frustrating, cause let's face it, nothing is exactly like it. Google searches will bring up blogs upon blogs of people's recommendations, so no need for redundancy here. I will, however, share which ones I have tried out and which ones you should be able to follow this blog on.

Bloglovin so far has been easy to use. I think it will become my permanent replacement of Google Reader. What makes it different, though, is rather than reading the posts on the Bloglovin site, it will open the post in a new tab, directing you to the actual blog. I guess this is good, as you can see the design of the blog and interact more easily. If you're into that...

I've also tried out which also has its pros and cons. Other than just transferring my subscriptions from Google Reader, I haven't found a way to follow this blog on Feedly.

So those are my rather simple thoughts on the matter. And maybe, just maybe, this whole blog entry was so that I could paste the Bloglovin link. If you're still reading, thanks! If you've come this far with me I'm sure you'll find a way, in spite of Google Reader's failure to us all.