Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Exhausted November has passed by in a blur of goodness. Or at least I think it was good, I have been super busy but have a hard time remembering why. I do know last week I celebrated two Thanksgiving dinners which were both filled with amazing food and awesome friends and family!

Packing or at least I should be? We are hoping to move in December but it is still unknown due to waiting for our kitchen to be built. Plus I may be procrastinating a tad. I know organizing and packing our stuff will be a huge task that I’m not looking forward to. We are only moving a few miles away but I want to clear out a lot of our stuff and try to make it easier on us unpacking. Otherwise I would just run through the house throwing everything rather unceremoniously into boxes. There’s still time, I may still end up doing that.

Eating things involving leftover turkey and pumpkin. Its the end of a long, busy month, and there’s plenty of leftovers to be had!

Writing or not actually writing. Sadly with all of the holiday craziness I fell behind in my word count goal to meet at the end of November. It's looking doubtful I will meet the deadline, but I will give it my best shot!

Listening to Christmas music! I don’t know when I started loving Christmas music, I’m thinking it was somewhere around the time Michael Buble released his Christmas album. Now I have quite the collection. I want to name them all because I love them and want you to love them, but here I am, showing self control. (I will email you the list if you really want to know)

Crafting has taken a break this week. I did pull out my knitting (and by knitting I mean I am still working on the same scarf I started 2 years ago- my first knitting project ever) I want to finish it because I have plans. Bigger and better plans. Seeing that Christmas is coming up, this week I plan on getting all my Christmas crafts together. Time to pull out the advent calendar!

Celebrating Thanksgiving is over and its time for Loy Krathong. In Thailand it is one of the biggest holidays and is the celebration of light. All of the fireworks and lanterns are breathtaking as they are constantly being launched into the night sky. As much as Thanksgiving is the precursor to Christmas, Loy Krathong has joined the line-up and it truly won't feel like the Christmas season without celebrating Loy Krathong. It is simply stunning.

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